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Dr. Meridith’s Medical Nutrition Program


Have you ever wondered, “are there additional resources available to optimize my results?” Have you wanted to take a more in depth look at your physiology, have you reached a plateau, or wondered how your body processes macronutrients such as carbohydrates?

We are happy to introduce a new branch of TNT, Medical Nutrition Programming brought to us by Dr. Meridith, MD.

Dr. Meridith specializes in working with men and women who have tried to make healthy lifestyle changes in the past but were unsuccessful in breaking their bad habits built over the years. She understands the overwhelming feeling of attempting over and over again to break that routine lifestyle.

With Dr. Meridith’s comprehensive approach, she is able to diagnose, treat and change the underlying physiology problems that may hold you back from optimal results. With her expertise, along with comprehensive testing, she is also able to pair medicines to optimize results for individuals that go above and beyond family medical doctor standards.

She believes in four main principles for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle:

  • 1. Comprehensive physiological testing
  • 2. Using evidence based medicine to create the best results
  • 3. Educating about the importance of nutrition
  • 4. Shifting one’s mindset to make a lifestyle change.

Unlike many other institutes, Dr. Meridith cares about her clients gaining confidence and knowledge more than just a goal of weight loss. It is important to transition from the weight loss phase to the maintenance phase, we assist with this through our companies coaching philosophy. She aims to develop a specific mindset resulting in permanent lifestyle changes.

“ Come Recreate Your Health with Dr. Meredith’s Medical Nutrition Program! ”



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