A lot of us struggle to stay on track while on vacation, with lots of eating out, indulging in cocktails and desserts… it is easy to see why. But there are tons of little things you can do throughout your vacation to stay on the fit and healthy track. Check out these tips to ensure you have a healthy and fun vacation:


  1. Make sure you eat before going to the airport. By avoiding the fast food court you will feel better and save on calories.
  2. When you arrive at your destination checking out local food markets can be a great way to eat fresh and local.
  3. Switch out that sugary pre-dinner cocktail for a lower calorie and lower sugar version.
  4. Take a cooking class! This can be a fun and interesting way eat a little healthier, and you can learn how to cook and eat like a local.
  5. We know sight seeing is already on your to-do list! Taking a walking tour or trying to navigate the cities on your own can be a great way to get some walking in.
  6. While booking accommodations, check out the amenities they have to offer. Having a gym where you are staying is a sure fire way to make sure you get your daily exercise.
  7. Do as the locals do. If you are traveling in India, unroll your yoga mat. Go hiking in Colorado. Learn Tai Chi moves in China. You get the point!
  8. Plan your vacation around a fitness event. This will ensure you stay active and get to see a new and exciting place!
  9. Focus on fun. Incorporating friends and family into your fitness routine is a great way to have fun and bond together


While staying fit on vacation can be a big priority for some people, spending time with friends and family should be just as important! You will never regret those crepes and croissants while walking around the Louvre in Paris, just remember to keep it balanced! And don’t forget to enjoy yourself a little too.

Our Founder Angela and her family living healthy on vacation!

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