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  • TNT Pro


TNT Pro is a program designed specifically for athletes or individuals training for a special event (Pre-qualification is required). Through this program you will:

  • Learn how to choose appropriate snacks/meals appropriate to fuel your workouts and events.
  • Get tips on how to fuel properly while on the road/traveling for an event.
  • Understand the fuel type that is best for your body and the volume of each nutrient that is required for your body to perform at its optimal level.
  • Pinpoint the appropriate timing of your meals and snacks based on your training schedule.
  • Available in-person, by phone or online.
  • We have worked with all sports – ranging from endurance such as marathons, triathlons, to football , wrestling and MMA , gymnastics, swim, car racing , fitness competitions and high school level through the professionals leagues.

  • Our teammates who administer this select service are all degreed and have gone through special training.
  • We are members and follow the evidence based guidelines of the Academy of nutrition and dietetics and SCAN ( sports , cardiovascular and nutrition )

A Certified TNT Health Educator will perform a comprehensive health evaluation that will cover desired achievements, past history, current habits, potential obstacles and a game plan to succeed.

Your Nutrition Plan is completely customized to you. Everything from eating likes/dislikes to how you metabolize certain foods is accounted for. Our plans are optimized to ensure you get the results you are after in the shortest amount of time. No two programs are ever the same.

No plan will be effective if it does not fit into your lifestyle. TNT takes all of this into account and will build a program that works for you. Whether it be particular food choices or even the time of day you should be eating, don’t worry, we build it to your specifications.

All of our Certified TNT Health Educators go through a very comprehensive training period that teaches not only how to administer the program but help coach you along the way. You will meet with your very own TNT Health Educator on a regular basis either in-person or via remote services such as Skype, phone or online. We are results-driven and the solution to achieving your goals.

We are not about finishing a program then “hoping” you continue the path. Our goal is to truly educate you and teach you how to keep the results you have attained while with TNT. Starting day one we want you to live your life to your fullest potential. We will hand deliver your customized plan, make it easy to follow and understand and as time progresses, we teach you how to turn this into a truly manageable and realistic way of life. TNT has been established since 1993 and has helped tens of thousands of individuals achieve their goal. We want you to be the next.

“ Champions aren’t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them — a desire, a dream, a vision. ”




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